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    Lynda Wilkins

    Founder and CEO


    Lynda Wilkins, Founder and CEO. An entrepreneur seeking to level the playing field by promoting the inclusion of women, minorities and traditionally disadvantaged groups into the legal cannabis industry, Lynda has over a decade of direct managerial and consulting experience in operations, quality assurance, quality control and compliance. As an undergraduate studying Political Science, and while earned her Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park in the mid-1990’s, she was exposed to an expansive body of research and data substantiating the unjust and disproportionate impact on persons and communities of color, resulting from the War on Drugs and, since that time, has been consistently engaged in efforts to both eradicate these policies and repair the harms they have caused.

    Bringing a passion for organic, sustainable models of agriculture and processing, Lynda supports Bay Botanicals’ mission through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and solutions to improve production yields while promoting ethical and ecologically responsible industry and inclusive business practices. She is responsible for the development of Bay Botanical’s Standard Operational Procedures and quality assurance program, as well as overseeing all aspects of day to day business operations and the management of all organizational resources.

    Leslie Smith

    Operations Executive


    Leslie is extremely excited to be a part of the vision at Bay Botanicals. She brings more than 10 years of legal compliance and office managerial experience to the team. Leslie sharpened her skills in high pressure, labor/corporate law environments that span multiple state court systems and is looking forward to shifting gears into the healing world of medical cannabis.

    A resident of Oregon, Leslie has been involved with medical marijuana policy since it’s legalization. She is passionate about educating players in all levels of the medical agricultural landscape with a focus on cannabis. Working with legal teams at various law firms, she helped to create educational presentations for CLE conferences regarding employer/employee guidelines on cannabis consumption at work as well as its effects on the corporate world as a whole.

    At Majix, Leslie has continued her journey to help shape industry legitimacy by working with her team to create standard operating procedures while maintaining compliance in the ever-changing landscape of cannabis rules and regulations.

    Leslie’s personal cannabis path started when she founded her own wellness company, Simplicity Massage. As a practitioner, Leslie utilized many cannabis topicals for clients with chronic pain. The testimonies of her clients finding relief inspired Leslie to pursue a path into the world of medical cannabis. She is driven to ensure that everyone has access to cannabis and a comprehensive understanding of its highly effective, multi-faceted treatment possibilities.

    Leslie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the University of Houston and completed her massage therapy training at East West College for the Healing Arts.

    Julia Ruiz

    Marketing Manager


    Julia’s passion for cannabis medicine was sparked when it cured her facial paralysis as a teenager. Left with no medical options, and deemed ‘medically incurable’ by pediatric neurologists, she illegally healed herself through cannabis. Her subsequent experience in the criminal justice system to defend her medicinal use exemplifies the brokenness in our nation’s cannabis laws. As an undergrad, she interned on Capitol Hill for the National Cannabis Industry Association, meeting with congressional staffers to educate and discuss cannabis policy. Julia has also lobbied independently on the state level throughout the DMV, sharing her story with state legislators to express the importance of patient access, especially in pediatrics.

    Julia developed her expertise in brand messaging working in highly regulated industries including financial services, public affairs, and cannabis. Her proven track record includes spearheading a fully compliant marketing campaign that led to a 300% increase in Salesforce lead generation. She has done pro bono social media management for female entrepreneurs in the beauty, event planning, and healthcare sectors. As an undergraduate teaching assistant, Julia organized an international academic conference on character attacks in today’s political climate, welcoming scholars from 12 different countries. Julia graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a concentration in public relations.